Please phone for rates:

8x45 ramp mats  
16 foot mats  
20 foot mats  
40 foot mats  
Engineer mats  
High sided shale bins (mixing bins)  
Low sided shale bins  
Flock tank  
400bbl sloped steel  
10m3 flare tanks  
2" trash pump  
Pipe racks  
Cat walks with v-door  
2" flyght pumps  
Water sheds  
Chemical Barrels  
100m3 bulk tanks  
Garbage bins (camp bin)  
Garbage bins (rig bin)  
Enviro bin  
60 m3 pre-mix tank  
Invert pump 4-3  
Access matting
400 bbl sloped lined
4" flyght pumps
2" trash pumps
4" trash pumps
1000 gallon fuel skid
50/50 1000 gal fuel skid
Invert crossing
Manifold pump w/ hoses
14" Spools
14" Ts
20'-4" hoses
40' Frac Manifold
20' Frac Manifold
Stair crossings
Berm Blocks
Liner (50x60)
2 ton service truck w/picker

Pilot Cars and Winch Tractor  
Pilot car service  
Hot shot 24' trailer  
Hot shot 38' trailer  
Winch tractor  
Power Equipment  
8 kilowatt light towers  
20 kilowatt light towers  
60 kilowatt generators  
75 kilowatt twin generators  
100 kilowatt generators  
175 kilowatt generators  
200 kilowatt generators  
230 kilowatt generators